The Importance of Winter Grooming

2 May, 2021

Many dog owners stop taking their long coated dogs to the groomer when the weather turns cool, believing a long coat will keep their dog warm. However, the grooming process for our Poodles, Malts, Shih tzus, Cavaliers, Cockers and others is not only about shaving a coat to keep a dog cool in summer, it’s also about ensuring a long coat is clean, knot-free and manageable in winter.

So what length should your dog’s coat be? That depends on your lifestyle and your dog’s needs. Does your dog live indoors? Is your dog active? Is the coat thick or thin? Are you able to brush your dog regularly? Does your dog have skin issues? Do you prefer a breed or pet clip?

Maintaining a long coat requires regular brushing and combing, including those parts prone to tangles, such as armpits, ears, muzzle, tummy, tail and legs. A knot-free coat will mean a groomer can clip a coat to a fluffy length that will still give some protection against the cold, but also be manageable for both owner and the dog.

A manageable coat will minimise mess in the house. Wet fur after winter walks can leave wet marks on floors and furniture, but also be uncomfortable for your dog. A coat that is constantly wet, without being brushed is more likely to matt and matts can become troublesome. Matts can be heavy and pull on the skin, restrict movement and make it harder for a dog to clean itself. If a coat is matted a groomer often has no choice other than to shave the coat down.

The grooming process also ensures sanitary areas are tidy, paws and pads are clean and trim, nails are clipped, ears clean and the dog has a neat face, with clear vision.

If you are planning to keep a longer coat on your dog during the cold season, then regular grooming becomes even more important…And a final note for those breeds that shed hair, such as Labradors, Golden retrievers, Border collies, Jack Russells, Samoyeds and Huskys, regular brushing is also essential to prevent dead hair compacting in the coat.

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