After Hours Emergency Care

After Hours Emergency Veterinary Care for your Animals:

Castlemaine Veterinary Clinic currently does not provide an Emergency After Hours Service. In the event of an emergency please call the Emergency Centre in Bendigo on 0413 898 331 or in Melbourne, the Animal Referral Hospital on 03 9379 0700.

If your pet has recently had Surgery at Castlemaine Vet Clinic, and you would like to talk to one of our vets, please call or text 0439 480 866.


Waverley Gardens Vet 

Would you know what to do if your pet ate something they should not have eaten or suffered a fracture? In an emergency situation, effective first aid can minimise injury and even save lives. Knowing what to do makes all the difference.

Clients of Castlemaine Veterinary Clinic can now get the first aid information they need from a free mobile app: First Aid for Pets Australia.

The app features first aid tips for over 130 conditions that affect cats and dogs, from toxins to trauma and medical emergencies.

For each condition, a simple, step-by-step guide to first aid is provided. You can find additional information on causes, clinical signs and treatments.

A map to our veterinary hospital and all of our contact details are loaded into the app so you can reach us straight away. The app also contains a list of all 24-hour veterinary emergency centres in Victoria, if you need assistance outside clinic hours.

First Aid for Pets Australia was written by Australian veterinarians, so the information is up to date, user-friendly and relevant to Australian pets.

Don’t wait for an emergency. Download the free app now so that you are prepared when it counts.

You can find the app through the iTunes app store, through the Google Play store, or through the links below or next time your in the clinic scan the QR code to access the app.

Apple devices:

Android devices:

We would love to hear your feedback on the app so that we can continue to improve it. Email us at and let us know what you think!