Snake envenomation (usually Brown or Tiger snake and less frequently red belly black or copper head snakes) can kill your dog in as little as15 minutes or your cat in 12-24hrs. Depending on the time of the season, the age of the snake, the location and frequency of the strike/s and how long it takes to reach a vet.

Snake envenomation is a medical emergency and you need to seek vet treatment immediately. Call the vet while you’re in the car on the way to the vets (hands free of course). If you have more than 1 dog or cat and suspect a snake bite, then bring them all, even if they aren’t showing signs. On occassion owners have brought in the affected animal only to return home to find their other animal dead or showing signs of envenomation. Signs for dogs can include trembling, vomiting and collapse, or just seeing a dead snake next to your dog is enough. The time frame for signs to appear in a cat can be12-24hrs, these include ataxia (walking as if drunk), floppiness, collapse, paralysis, and dilated pupils. The vet can perform a quick blood test to help establish envenomation. Although these blood tests are not definitive they help to establish if a bite has occurred.

Dogs frequently require anti venom to survive snake bites, whereas cats, will often recover faster and have a better chance of survival with anti venom but can also survive with intra venous fluids alone.



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