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11 March, 2021

I am Natalie from Crazy. Kind. Calm Dog Training.

My approach to dog training is gentle, calm and fun!

I use a dogs natural inclination to play, eat and do work in exchange for rewards to encourage them to behave in ways that us humans find acceptable – whether that’s walking calmly on lead, coming back when you call them or something more advanced. Together we will work out your dogs motivation and turn it into a learning experience.

I teach you to have fun with your dog by playing games that build a trusting relationship at the same time as teaching the dog skills we want them to have.  Once you have that great relationship getting your dog to sit, stay, bed, retrieve and come back becomes so much easier.

I can also help you with practical strategies to manage behaviour struggles while your dog learns to how to behave appropriately.

My professional dog training qualifications include:

  • Australia’s nationally recognised and accredited Certificate 3 in Dog Training and Behaviour from the National Dog Trainers Federation.
  • I am a certified Pro-dog trainer with Absolute Dogs who specialise in training dog trainers in the game based training methods we prefer to use.
  • I have attended many workshops from internationally renowned dog trainers, including (among others)
    • John McGuigan, of Glasgow Dog Trainer: Positive Reinforcement Trainer who specialises in helping reactive and aggressive dogs
    • Sam Turner, of Balanced Dogs: An expert in proprioception (which translates to learning about how body language (ours and our dogs) can be used to help your training.

I am a member of the following groups:

  • Absolute Dogs Training Academy
  • Pet Professionals Guild of Australia
  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers (Australia)
  • Animal Training Academy


First class 13th Nov 2019 Castlemaine Vet Clinic

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