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Snake envenomation (usually Brown or Tiger snake and less frequently red belly black or copper head snakes) can kill your dog in as little as15 minutes or your cat in 12-24hrs. Depending on the time o...
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Grass Seeds

A real pest for dogs and their owners is the ubiquitous grass seed. Grass seeds can embed, burrough and migrate through your dog’s orifices and skin and cause serious and costly damage. Commonly they ...
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Heat Stress- Dogs left in cars

Hot cars Remember never to leave your dog or cat in the car on a hot day, even with the window down, or tied up on a hot ute tray. Trapped in a hot car animals can rapidly suffer a horrible death. W...
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First Aid for Pets- the free app

Would you know what to do if your pet stopped breathing or suffered a fracture? In an emergency situation, effective first aid can minimise injury and even save lives. Knowing what to do makes all the...
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Rat bait Poisoning

‘During winter the mice and rat population seem to be greater because they are cold and looking for food. Because of this people use rodent poisons around their homes, sheds and gardens. There are 2 ...
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