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Seniors Month

Senior pets are precious family members and recognizing the change in their needs is crucial to improving and increasing their quality of life. …read more

National Desexing Network

Castlemaine Vet Clinic is supporting The National Desexing Network by offering the special low cost desexing prices for the month of July. Male Cats …read more

Dental Month

Castlemaine Vets is running its annual dental months in March and April this year. Free dental checks are offered to all cats, dogs and …read more


Snake envenomation (usually Brown or Tiger snake and less frequently red belly black or copper head snakes) can kill your dog in as …read more


Here comes the cold weather. And with the cold, arthritis in your animals can be more obvious and painful. Arthritis is one of …read more

Staff news

Practice Principal Dr Yvette Berkeley will be on leave October 20th to November 20th. She will be visiting Qatar working at the Qatar …read more

Staff News

Dr Yvette Berkeley is back from her trip in Greece where she donated her services to the Nine Lives program, desexing and treating …read more

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